Sunday, August 15, 2010

here goes nothing...

While I have been planning to write a blog for about four months now, it seems that an insomniatic spree is what eventually had to drive me to actual boiling point. I have always admired the blogging world, it seems to open a door to writers that perhaps hasn't existed since the death of pulp fiction. Even though I am a little less than four months from obtaining a B.F.A. in Creative Writing, I can't seem to find a place to put words on a page. Well I guess I'm not being totally honest here - there have been millions of blank Microsoft Word documents used for private sessions of free writing that have been somewhat successful for me... but somethings missing. And I think I know what it is. I need an audience, whether it's one person or a crowd, to experience the writing process with me. So thanks for being here.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I have been doing it for nearly ten years! And you are exactly correct, blogging feeds the bottomless ego of the writer. It provides an audience, and usually that audience is kind and accepting, even flattering - even better for that somewhat fragile, needy ego.

    Blogger is very user friendly when it comes to writing and set up but it can be hard to find an audience - or for you to find those who you are interested in reading, but you will get the hang of it. And you have your first follower - Me. I will go about recommending you and hopefully you will pick up some that way.


  2. Thank you, Tracy! I couldn't think of anyone better to leave me my first comment than you. Following your blogging journey the last several years has really inspired me! Your support is much appreciated. Thanks for following me!

    p.s. graduating this december - can we say FINALLY?!? woo hoo!