Monday, November 1, 2010

If you don't vote tomorrow, don't complain later.

I was planning to write my next post about how I now have thirteen followers on my blog - I am excited to brag that I just got my first stranger... Which means that while twelve of you are probably following me because you are a friend/relative and feel obligated to do so... One of you is actually here for the sake of literary entertainment. But then someone else hopped on my list of followers in the last 24 hours... so the whole "number 13 theme" is shot. But I can work with the number 14, too... My ego is exponentially expanding. Thanks for that, readers.

Why do they call it "following" anyway? Why don't we call you "readers"? It sounds like I'm starting a cult. At least we don't refer to ourselves as a "family"... And now I have my joke about cults finally out of the way.

Also, I figured out how to view my "Stats" via blogspot dashboard. Just when I thought my ego was about to pop... I discovered that not only am I plaguing members of the US with my written thought, but I also have readers in Nicaragua, Denmark, Canada (18 so far in Canada... thanks neighbors!), Slovenia, the Virgin Islands, and several other places I have never heard of. (Can you people even understand my language?) So it's confirmed... I'm kind of a big deal. Which is awesome, but believe it or not, that's not what this post is about.

Unfortunately for my new friends, this post might bore you. This is aimed directly at the good folks who represent the US of A... You knew it was coming, and it might have taken me until less than 24 hours before... but here's my post on the importance of voting.

We here are standing on the eve of what some predict to be the biggest mid-term election in American history. Let me stop for a minute and preface this by saying: This blog is not a stage for me to thump and rant on my personal political views and/or opinions. It would probably bore you as a reader (or make you angry/happy, depending on how you agree with me) and let's face it: I've got better things to waste my time writing about.

"So what's this blog about, Monica, if it's not about who you're voting for?" I can hear you asking. Good question reader. This post is not about WHO I'm voting for... it's about the simple fact that I will stand in line and cast my ballot sometime tomorrow (and get another "I Voted" sticker to add to my proudly growing collection).

To all of the 18-29 year olds who are classified under my generation, I'm calling you out. I read a disheartening poll that predicted that less than 40% of us will actually vote tomorrow. But when the crap hits the fan down the road and we're not pleased with the way America is being run, we'll start a Facebook group (or better yet, a blog!) to complain about it. The results of tomorrow's election will determine the new population of the Federal and State Congress. What does that mean? Tomorrow's elections will lead to legislation that will DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY affect our lives as American citizens. And we're too lazy to stand in line for 20 minutes to vote.

Some people think it's pointless to vote. What I find funny about that is this: it is proven that more people vote in a presidential election (which is majorly determined by the electoral college) instead of voting in the mid-terms (where individual votes actually create the deciding numbers). Maybe you're not going to vote because you don't like either candidate. VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU HATE THE LEAST!

The Republic (yes, Republic, not Democracy) that we call the US governmental structure can't work if we just sit back and claim indifference. We have to put on our big girl (or big boy, for the sake of gender equality) pants and head to the polls tomorrow. But one thing we cannot do is vote out of ignorance. Turn off the TV tonight, (after Jeopardy! goes off, of course) and do some personal research on the candidates in your area. The county board of elections where you live probably has a website you can find that breaks down who's running for what and provides you with a quick rundown of their platforms and intentions. Lucky for the coastal residents of New Hanover County, I did the google work for you. (Go here.)

So thanks in advance for casting your vote tomorrow. It's people like you who make this country great. Harass all of your non-voting friends for me. Voting is not only our right, it's our privilege. Standing back and doing nothing is useless - from local government to the Federal Congress, this election will determine our fate on many issues tomorrow. So stop complaining and go vote! If you do, I'll buy you some ice cream the next time the truck stops by.


  1. "But when the crap hits the fan down the road and you're not pleased with the way America is being run, we'll start a Facebook group (or better yet, a blog!) to complain about it."

    Thank you! I needed to hear someone else in our generation say that!

    - Jordan

  2. No, thank you!

    I needed to hear someone from our generation agree with me.

  3. mmmmm...the 'Cult of Monica'....this could be a worry...;-)

    There is absolutely no point in agreeing with you as I am very very far from your generation....physically I hasten to never grow up...we just pretend to...;-)